Brewed Awakenings Coffee Co.

Brewed Awakenings Coffee Co. 302 N. Bosque Whitney, Tx. 76692 254-694-1200  

Diaz Tex-Mex Restaurant

Diaz Tex-Mex Restaurant 403 S. Bosque St. Whitney, Tx. 76692 254-221-2927 Carlos Diaz

Marco Italian & Pasta

 Marco Italian & Pasta 115 N. Colorado St. Whitney, Tx. 76692 254-694-0198 Sr. Lunch & Dinner Buffets Regular Lunch & Dinner Buffets Manager Adam Taani

Swirl My Way

 Swirl My Way Frozen Yogurt 903 S. Bosque St. Suite C Whitney, Tx. 76692 254-694-0990

Overflow Coffee Co.

 Overflow Coffee Co. 201 E. Franklin St. Hillsboro, Tx. 76645 254-283-5272

Jim Beaux’s Seafood

 Jim Beaux’s Seafood 804 Highway 22 Clifton, Tx. 76634 254-253-6009


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Ms. Kimbra Atkinson, Owner Mailing addy:  121 CR 1801 Clifton, TX  76634 Physical addy:  456 St. Hwy. 22 & CR 1801 in Laguna Park, TX 254-622-2238 Hours: Thurs. 708pm Fri &; St. 7-9pm Sun. 7-2 pm Closed Mon-Tues-Wed Specials Everyday Friday Night Fish Sat. BBQ Breakfast 7-11 am each day open


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  A ladies boutique with clothing, accessories and gifts.  Feature Coffee’s, teas, and desserts as you eat, rest and relax while you shop.  A DAUGHTER’S DREAM Ken & Teresa Wyatt, Owners 201 N. Colorado Street, Suite 2 Whitney, TX  76692 972-268-0067 Email:

A Tisket-A Tasket Antiques & Soda Fountain

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A Tisket-A Tasket Antiques & Soda Fountain 71 N. Waco Street Hillsboro, TX  76645 254-582-3807


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Perry & Suzanne Auten, Owners Kelli Wigington, General Manager Shannon Connor, Manager 1311 N. Brazos Street Whitney, TX 76692 254-692-6252 Fax: 254-694-6262